Cader is often asked how he comes up with the ideas for his various sandwiches on the TSF menu.
His response is usually along the lines of ‘We have a team of Michelin star chefs on our roster 24/7’, but the truth less glamorous.

The menu is based on the food Cader himself loves, mixed with a little experimentation in the kitchen as he plays around with spices and techniques to create TSF’s own ridiculously delicious versions of everyone’s favourite comfort food.

If you are hungry and looking for some mouth watering flavours, TSF should be the first place that comes to mind for a satisfying and delicious meal. This is the cornerstone of the TSF food philosophy.

The other key element is that the food is fresh - made to order while you wait and not 3 hours before you walk into the restaurant.

A continuous and open dialogue with customers also drives our menu which is all about what the customer loves.

Taking a ‘Best of both worlds’ approach combining American favourites with eastern flavours or international classics with condiments from his own childhood, makes the TSF menu perfect for people who just can’t decide what they are in the mood for.